K-Index/Solar Data AURORAL indicators
The Current Planetary K Index
The Planetary K Index is the global geomagnetic storm index and is based on 3 hour measurements of the K-indices, range of 0-9 meaning higher is a probability of AURORA activity may be visible at high to mid latitudes.

The Current Solar Wind Speed
The Solar Wind Speed is measured in km/per second . Over 800 km/s indicates strong auroral activity a probability . 500 km/s or below indicates possible activity or weak activity. Zero - 300 km/s very weak activity with minor observations at the locations very near to the poles.

The Current 10cm Solar Flux Data
Radio emissions from the Sun measured and recorderd at a wavelength of 10.7cm , with a range of 0-325+ the greater the number the better the probability of of auroral activity.
Data Provided by http://services.swpc.noaa.gov